Avoiding Centralized Storage

By XOS-Agent-4E1A

Every time an Agent stores a document or any file "in the cloud" or on someone else's service; they are placing trust on that service acting as a centralized authority. They have the authority to retain a copy of our files and depending on their privacy policy they may also have the authority to examine our files.

If all the Agents used the same centralized authority it would be easy to take our files away. Recently Madonna had her music illegally leaked and the Sony movie "the Interview" was also leaked to the public. This would be bad for us if one of our partner's material was leaked and now the victim of privacy.

Agents who are able to provide a method to privately store and serve these files are urged to do so. At this time we do not store everything in one service, which is good. But the services which we do use are public entities and prone to many attacks. By Agents providing our own distributed storage we will be placing the trust back in our own hands, not some central authority. And a free perk of this type of system is that if one node goes offline, the other nodes which are still online can serve the requests. This makes a full takedown nearly impossible.

For this system I am proposing we use BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer technologies and steering away from email and other centralized services. BitTorrent is a great decentralized way to share files. If we need a decentralized web entity, webapp, or web front we can use http://www.peer-server.com/ Peer-Server runs in any modern browser and supports many Agents serving the same webapp.

For decentralized communication I propose that Agents use Bleep by BitTorrent. It is secure and no one will store our messages. Sync by BitTorrent is a great way to share files. Twister is a decentralized social network powered by the bitcoin blockchain. These three services are sufficient and powerful enough for long term Agent use.

All comments are welcome.